Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a supportive community of strong women who collaborate and build meaningful connections. Through engaging events and open communication, we seek to empower and uplift each other to reach new heights in our personal and professional lives.

Meet Our Leadership

  • Heather Ferrari


    Heather is dedicated to fostering strong, supportive communities. With a background in Marketing and Promotion, she has had the opportunity to work with best-selling authors and multi-platinum award-winning musicians, helping to highlight their achievements. Heather's real passion lies in promoting and celebrating the successes of others. Through The Women 360, Heather has created a space where women can come together to support each other and grow both personally and financially. She believes in the power of collective success and works tirelessly to help others achieve their goals. Heather is also a proud mother of three wonderful children. She enjoys exploring the world through travel and is always eager to learn new things. Currently, she's taking on the challenge of learning to drum. Heather's love for new experiences and her commitment to personal growth are central to her life's journey.

  • Cathy Droz

    Co-Founder & Board Member

    Cathy Droz is an accomplished automotive journalist, author, speaker and radio host with a passion for the automobile industry. She is the co-founder of Women 360 and the founder and CEO of HER Certified, which is the industry's first comprehensive certified dealer program aimed at helping dealerships better serve female car buyers. Cathy has test driven more than 500 vehicles, giving her insight and knowledge on virtually every make and model on the market. She is highly respected by industry influencers and is dedicated to educating the car buying consumer and making the search for the perfect automobile a pleasant and rewarding experience. Additionally, she is an advocate for community service and leadership, member of various organizations and award winner.

  • Nancy Meek

    Co-Founder & Board Member

    Nancy Meek, is a lifelong entrepreneur and has studied and worked in varied fields. She has been a mortgage lender and business development expert for lending companies. She is the co- founder of The Women 360 and Founder of Scottsdale Wine Club. She has authored a bestselling book about reinventing yourself, a published member of the Forbes Business Council, member of Apex, event coordinator, fundraiser and proud host of an Airbnb in northern Arizona.

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